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Friday, March 31, 2006


Posting from the surface...

My ability to get to D'ni has been very sporadic for a couple of days now... in my fits of withdrawal, I've been studying my notes and photos and thinking about some more of our unsolved mysteries.

If you're reading this, then you've probably come into contact with Yeesha's "journey" symbol. The one in the shape of a hand, strewn about the ages on cloths... you might even remember the nine pronged version of the symbol that Zandi used during his "Preafter" escapades. A lot of us seem pretty familiar with what the journey represents... it's even self explanitory in a sense. It represents a journey. Yeesha's journey.... *our* journey.

Then there's the shell... it seems to be the case that the shell is an extension of sorts onto the journey. A different path, another branch, a new concept. But still a journey regardless.. something to teach.

But what about the countless other recurring symbols in D'ni? If you glance around Ae'gura, particularly in the library and museum, you can very clearly see a symbol of an outstretched hand. I'm not sure, but I think this is usually found near pedestals where books are or should be. Could it be a symbol that represents D'ni overall? Or maybe it's a sort of "Link Here!" sign? What if the hand is the D'ni equivalent of our universal male and female restroom signs? Except for public book locations rather than bathrooms?

You might also notice lots of symbols around the neighborhoods that seem to represent a sun... why so many symbols representing a sun, for a society that lives primarily underground? Could it be a throwback to the home world of Garternay? Or a reminder that sometimes it's important to get out of your rock for a while and go see the day? Heck, maybe it's not a sun at all, and it only seems that way because of it's similarity to our surface representations of the sun.

What about Yeesha's circular symbol? It's in your Relto, it's in your Relto book, it's in the cleft, it's in the ages heaven knows how often.... I don't believe I've ever seen it in D'ni though. It seems to only be in places that are directly related to her journey... is it supposed to be a constant reminder of who brought us here? Or maybe she uses it to sign off on her works, ideas, and lessons like an artist on a painting?

One of my favorites to think about recently is the intertwining symbol that we see on the floor of the Nexus. It's been pretty commonly accepted to be "The Nexus Symbol", and that makes sense to a point. We see it in the Nexus, we see it around pedestals leading to the Nexus, we see it in the hood book rooms centered on the Nexus. But we also see it around the fountains, in the community rooms, and in the clockyards. All very common meeting places for surface explorers, and perhaps for the D'ni as well? Some neighborhoods also have non-functional video imagers in place, that feature the same symbol. Maybe it's not specifically for the Nexus, but something that symbolizes "connectivity" or "communication"?

Some people complain that we've seen all there is to see in D'ni, until the DRC approves more areas for us to explore. I'd like to think that ideas like these prove that we've only scratched the surface. Keep in mind, we're not just here to go tearing around ages and throwing ourselves off cliffs, we're here to EXPLORE. We're amateur archaeologists, in a world that needs to be catalogued.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Posting from the surface...

Some revelations come from investigating the ages. Some come from dealing with the DRC. But sometimes the greatest can come from someone who's been there all along.

There are no words tonight, only "goodnight".

With a boom boom boom...

Posting from the surface...

...and a bang bang bang, do yo thang, do yo thang, boom-buh-buh-boom boom bang bang bang.

*attempts to moonwalk, trips, falls, stands*

I love how just a few hours in the cavern can make an entire day of trying circumstances melt away... especially if you're with the right people. I'd still be there, except I've got things to finish tomorrow, otherwise bad things will occur. But that's all easy peasy at this point, just gotta finish it up, lock it down, and ship it.

In news that people actually CARE about, I'm definitely not the only person who thinks that the rubble in the Kahlo Pub has been moved... and apart from that, a LOT of people are commenting that the cavern seems to be brighter. I can't say I've noticed that second one, but I'm starting to wonder. Something's going on, something big, something wonderful.... and when it happens, I'm gonna be there on the front lines.

Incidentally, others may soon be joining me in posting here... I'm not entirely certain yet. At least one person has requested posting privileges, and I'll see about getting him set up sometime tomorrow. So look forward to hearing some hot air from someone besides me.

*resumes his bad moonwalking long enough to grab his turkey burger, eat it, then fall into his futon*

Monday, March 27, 2006

A Glimpse into the Future?

Posting from D'ni Ae'gura...

I had to turn in a lot earlier than usual for me last night... as a result, I'm also back down in the cavern a lot earlier than I'd normally be. I decided to have a look around before I get to work on the surface, and this is the quietest I've seen Ae'gura since the DRC opened up the museum a few days ago. Looking around without having to dodge droves of explorers flooding in and out of the museum made me realize I never posted about the most glaringly obvious thing. THE thing.

There's two linking books sitting on pedestals, both seem to have their linking panels laminated to prevent us from using them. I wonder if this is the DRC's way of saying "We're almost there guys, thanks for the support, we're working on it as hard as we can". Just a little tease of what could lie before us. I know I can't use them... but just the fact that they're there.. providing this one tiny glimpse into two entirely new worlds... is amazing.

One of the books I can see a flat surface with at least a dozen pillars rising out of the ground, in no particular discernable pattern. The image seems to suggest that it's a dusky cloudy age, possibly very humid and damp. I've been told that this is a link to an age called Todelmer. The second book shows what appears to be a window, looking out from within some sort of building. Beyond the window looks to be a lush jungle of a world... probably inhabited by all sorts of things. This age seems to be known as Negilahn.

Alas... earwax. They're both perfectly within reach, yet for now I still can't see the wonders that await us on the other side. But someday.... someday soon.

The third thing is much less obvious. When I woke, I noticed that a fellow explorer/blogger had posted comments regarding the Kahlo Pub. She suspects that some of the rubble that has been piled up in front of one of the passages inside the pub has been moved away. This might be hopeful (and cautious) optimism clouding my mind... but I took a look when I was on my way up from the ferry terminal, and I think she's right. It seems clearer now... maybe we'll be able to get through soon.

I have a suspicion that there's a book buried on the other side of that rubble. Well, maybe not a book, but a place where a book should be. Where a book *will* be. After all, why name it the Kahlo Pub if there's no link to Kahlo to be found? If this is correct... that brings the total up to three. Three ages just beyond our reach... the fact that Wheely Engberg has mentioned her father and Dr. Kodama in relation to Kahlo only makes it that much juicier.

It's also interesting to note that all three of these ages share something in common... they were all in Phase 4 restoration before the pull out in 2004. Personally, I'm still waiting for the DRC to unlock the doors from the Ae'gura canyon to the Kadish Gallery. I've been inside that gallery, I've seen what's on the other side of those doors... the balcony and stairs seem very stable at this point... so why not just open the doors?'s too quiet down here. I'd better get back to the surface.... nevermind the fact that it's almost freezing where I live. Florida isn't supposed to get this cold... especially in spring!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Time Shift

Posting from D'ni - Riltagamin (Rainy)...

As I sit here in this rainy muddy cleft, I'm thinking about the two new mysteries that were brought to my attention today, both in Kadish Tolesa. I'm thinking about how it can possibly go from pouring to dry in this cleft just by linking away then linking back. But most of all, I'm thinking about a strange occurence that I've been noticing during my late nights for the past few weeks.

I can't explain why... but it seems like time actually speeds up when in the cavern and the ages. I just watched four hours slip away from me in what felt like a blink of an eye. There was much to be discussed, and to laugh about, and think about, but even so... it slips away so easily. So fast.

Yeah... there's not really a time dialation occuring... it's just the old saying "time flies when you're having fun" I guess. But someone told me something tonight that will stick in my mind for a very long time.

"it's goodnight... never say goodbye" know, I've been sleeping in Eder Kemo too often recently. Tonight I'm going to go home for a little while, I've got a lot of work to do, and a lot of things to think about.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Reflections since D'mala

Posting from D'ni - UruObsession(1) Neighborhood...

This one isn't about the restoration, or conspiracies, or even D'ni really.... this one's for me.

I've spent a good deal of the last year moping around on the surface. Most of my drive to get anything accomplished was pretty dead, and I was generally just "surviving" and keeping to myself most of the time. D'mala has pulled me out from under this rock though... since returning to the cavern, I've been reminded just how wonderful the right people can be.

I've met so many great people since returning to the cavern, and followed along with so many group activities, and even more discussions late into the night. Discussions about what? Anything! D'ni history, surface history, how we dealt with (or are dealing with) our families, the future of the restoration, what we had for dinner, what we're having for lunch tomorrow, who we met today, where we're going a month from now... these are all topics that have come up in the cavern.

When I returned to the cavern, I ran through Yeesha's journey again... but I had most of the knowledge of the journey stored in memory. I wasn't really taking the journey, just going through the motions again. But when I invited Mookie down from the surface, I tried to follow him during his journey as much as possible... and remembered so much, and learned so much more in the process. Yeesha's messages are a lot more powerful to me now, after the past few weeks... for those of you who haven't returned to D'ni yet, or haven't taken the journey yet.... be sure to actually take it. Don't just go through the motions... take it... and pay attention.

Among all the great people I've met in the cavern though, I have to say that there's a few that really stand out. These are the people who pulled me out of my shell, and have pushed me to become a better person in the cavern and on the surface... whether they know it or not. They're each VERY special to me, in different ways. Thanks guys.

It's great to be back... and I have a feeling things are just going to keep getting better.

The gathered are known by their faces of stone.

Recap - Part 5 (D'ni D'mala)

Posting from D'ni - UruObsession(1) Neighborhood...

The word "D'mala" means return in the D'ni language, and is often used to refer to events that occur after the return of the DRC in February. This is going to be the final "recap" and I hope to cover all of the events that have occured since D'mala, and point out some interesting points and unsolved mysteries.

The DRC are not being fully funded just yet... they've been granted some money, giving them a chance to prove to their benefactors that the restoration is worth the effort, and potentially profitable. For them to consider the restoration at all after all this time however, there has to be someone involved who is knowledgeable and cautiously optimistic involved.

One of the men responsible for the restoration's reprieve is named "Blake Lewin", who is also traceable back to the GameTap subscription service on the surface. A love of video games, could mean a love of Cyan's game, could mean a love of the history behind them. Or it could be another Blake entirely. Of course, he can't be the only one pulling the strings, but he's the one most willing to personally come down and see how things are going so far. Here's hoping he likes what he sees.

About two weeks after D'mala began, Marie Sutherland of the DRC joined us in one of the neighborhood community rooms for an announcement. The DRC have called for five liaisons to serve as communicators between the explorers and the DRC, to get ideas and information across in both directions. Almost a month has passed, and nominations for the liaison positions have closed with twenty-eight people vying for the position, and I feel like almost any five of them would make an excellent liaison team. Incidentally... I'm in that list of twenty-eight.

Over this past month, many people were nominated or nominated themselves, and many have dropped out altogether. There's been groups who don't want liaisons at all, groups that want more liaisons than five, and groups that think all the other groups are out of their minds. It's also a point of interest that explorers pitched the idea of liaisons over two years ago, but it was shot down by the DRC. My how times have changed. But we all stand fast and stand together, even amongst the disagreements... it's still a tightly knit community we have here.

Michael Engberg's daughter, Willow, has joined us explorers in the cavern too under the name Wheely. It's been mentioned a few times that her father and Dr. Kodama seem to be examining the age of Kahlo for safety. It's also been made clear that the DRC all carrying Relto books of their own now... I asked Marie about this personally, and her response was that the DRC now had a "Use with caution" sort of stance about them. I'm feeling confident that they all ended up taking the journey during the absence.

Nick White has been supposedly sighted in the cavern... when asked about his old friend Sharper, he said that we probably shouldn't expect to see him around anymore. Though this brings me to the reason I said that I started this thing just in time back on the first day. The day I created this blog, I linked down to the cavern to test the KI posting system, and discovered that someone by the name of Douglas Sharper had passed through one of the DRC neighborhoods. It's unknown whether this is THE Doug Sharper or not, however.

Just a few days ago, the DRC got the scope and buckets in Teledahn working properly for the first time, as well as the first set of locks for Kadish Tolesa. The museum is also open for the first time, which has allowed us to finish the missions required to recalibrate the Great Zero for the first time. I can only hope that once enough of us have finished these missions, the GZ will indeed be up and working properly.

For a couple of more points of interest, the numbers hidden in Doug's Ae'gura office have yet to have any meaning to anyone as far as I know. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, try taking a closeup KI photo of the middle painting in the office. "3 1 4" indeed. Also, our old friend Jeff Zandi seems to have moved to somewhere in Texas. He still comes around from time to time to help new explorers into the cavern... but for the most part it seems that he's left his airstream trailer abandoned near the cleft. You'll be missed Jeff.

I guess that's finally it... I can't think of anything important that I haven't covered in one of the recaps. So I guess for now, it's done. Either way, I think this recap will serve both of it's purposes well. One was to be a reflection for myself, and the second is to give new explorers something to get them caught up on exactly how and why most of us are here... because not everyone has been around through all of these joys and tribulations.

To D'ni!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Recap - Part 4 (Until Uru)

Posting from the surface...

The word "Uru" means "gathering" or "city" in several languages, including D'ni. This is why the explorers that were called by Yeesha and gathered by Zandi were referred to as the "Uru Explorers". Even after being removed from the cavern, most of us remained hopeful for a return, if not by the DRC, then perhaps by Yeesha, or maybe even of our own accord. As such, many refer to this period as "Until Uru".... until we can gather again.

There are lots of accounts from explorers who claim to have visited the cavern on solo expeditions, but many of these conflict with each other greatly... because I cannot confirm what is true and what isn't, I will avoid these. I mean no offense to the solo explorers, it's just I want to keep these notes as accurate as I possibly can.

The community still remained as close as ever for the most part... people still gathered together on the surface, and those who's homes on the surface were too distant often chose to remain in touch via e-mail, forums, or many other means. Personally, I retreated back into the shadows... returning to my old habits of quietly watching and waiting, moreso than taking part in events. It was more like watching everything in motion from outside a large picture window, instead of being inside like I should have been. I regret this now.... but that's my own story.

Six months after the restoration ended, Victor Laxman got in touch with the community... he had worked with Cyan Worlds to get explorers back into the cavern. It wouldn't be the same... the DRC wouldn't be there, nothing would be worked on.... but those who wanted to return had the option to. Many people took this offer and returned to the caverns, but it was never a full time thing. People came and went in seperate groups, instead of the large gathering that used to be. The cavern was open, but it wasn't a gathering.... there was no uru.

To make matters even worse, in September 2005 Cyan Worlds closed it's doors and released the final game in their legendary Myst series. Not only had we lost our link to D'ni, but the people who supplied us with D'ni knowledge and stories on the surface was gone too. For the first time since Myst was released, the community felt completely alone.... and then there was a miracle. About a month later, Cyan got funding. They have yet to tell us from where, or why, but they got funding. Several months later, we got our second miracle. Someone was also funding the DRC... possibly the same group? Someone who loved D'ni and the restoration enough to try and pick it up off it's feet?

On February 15, 2006 the DRC officially returned to the cavern, and opened it to all interested explorers. Once again, an uru was beginning.

There's one more recap that I'll be writing, describing the events of "D'ni D'mala" so far. After that... well, we'll just see how the great tree chooses to grow.

Recap - Part 3 (The Fall of the Restoration)

Posting from the surface...

Yeah this took me a bit longer to get around to than I expected. There's been a lot going on in the cavern and on the surface, both personally and for the community as a whole. I'll get to most of that eventually... as it'll now end up in one of the recaps no doubt.

Obviously the restoration was made up of a LOT more people than just the five members of the DRC... even back when they were still part of an organization known as the DRF, there were lots of ResEngs (Restoration Engineers) doing work, getting things done.... anything from repairing equipment in the ages, to being gophers for the DRC and eachother. This is going to focus on two of them in particular, Phil Henderson and Douglas Sharper. As a disclaimer, I did not experience any of these events personally, and am writing this based from memory of other people's accounts. If there are any errors, please contact me so that I may fix them.

Douglas Sharper discovered the first linking books to Teledahn in the late ninetys/early 2000s, and was assigned to it's restoration. We can thank him for the use of all the working (and semi-working) equipment that we have access to in Teledahn today. He was also the first to discover the hidden passages in the back of Teledahn, though kept them a secret from the DRC, as well as being known to hunt the large aquatic creatures of the age that we have come to call "Shroomies".

He claimed the office in Teledahn as his own, as well as an office in Ae'gura that he kept hidden from the DRC and most of the other ResEngs, and seems to have used the Ae'Gura office as a sort of "base of operations". From reading the journal found in his Ae'Gura office, I'm led to believe that over the years he was growing very tired of the DRCs "Safety First" policies towards even the tiniest details. This might help explain part of why he was so eager to push things the way he did.

Another ResEng named Nick White spent a lot of time helping Sharper translate a large variety of D'ni texts relating to Teledahn and other things, as well as helping him slide a lot of things under the DRC's noses. Not nearly as much of a jerk (this is my opinion, I don't claim to represent the explorers as a whole) as Doug, but definitely an ally. After a time he was assigned to a pub in D'ni (which is currently inaccessible to us) that was also known as "The Watcher's Sanctuary". Besides this, he was also vying to take control of a pub in Ae'Gura called the "Kahlo Pub", which is broken down, but currently availible to visitation by us.

For a jump in discussion... most of the explorers these days are familiar with the large metal (or maybe stone?) doors that can be found in the ages that Yeesha has graced with her journey cloths. Towards the end of 2002, Phil Henderson became the first person to open one, in Eder Kemo. It's not known whether it opened itself for him, or if he found the required clothes, or if he just found some other way to open it... the point is, he OPENED it. He went through, and disappeared entirely. He completely fell off the grid, KI and all.

A few weeks later, he made contact with one of the authorized explorers, and confirmed that he was alright, and then disappeared again. It was around a year later that he was heard from again.... he had returned, a very different person than the one who had left so many months ago. He had taken Yeesha's journey, and was now a very strong supporter of her and her plans. It wasn't long before Sharper caught wind of this, and decided to "ally" with Phil.

Together the two of them made proclamations about the mistakes the DRC was making, and how important it was to follow Yeesha and learn the truth from her, not the DRC. I'm not sure that Douglas even knew what "the truth" was, he just seemed to like having some weight to throw around... and explorers rallied behind him. In late 2003 he rallied a huge group of explorers outside of the blocked off entrance to the Kahlo pub and together they destroyed the barricades that kept the pub blocked to the public. All of a sudden, we've got explorers who not only complain about the DRC, but are now violently disobeying them.

For reasons unknown to me, Phil later climbed to the Guild House on Ae'Gura. After a few minutes of speaking with members of the DRC about their views, about Yeesha's views, and about the explorer community as a whole, something broke loose and Phil was lost in a rock slide. I say "killed"... and God rest his soul if it's true... but a body was never found. Only a broken KI. Though it seems that Sharper was seen with Phil's Relto book.

Shortly after losing Phil, Dr. Watson returned to the surface, presumeably to grieve and probably rethink the restoration. Except for a very brief contact with the rest of the DRC, he hasn't been seen since the day he left. Victor Laxman, Dr. Kodama, Dr. Sutherland, and Michael Engberg are continued on in Dr. Watson's abscence... Victor opened up the Great Zero at the tip of Ae'gura and gave the explorers the tools to work together to re-calibrate it. To this day, the Great Zero has yet to be fully recalibrated. Despite their efforts however, the funding dried up... most likely because nobody wanted to be involved with something that would make them look bad in the public eye.

In February 2004, the restoration was officially cancelled, all ResEngs, Authorized Explorers, and even the Uru Explorers were escorted to the surface, and the caverns were locked off. For the first time in over ten years, D'ni was empty again.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Posting from Eder Gira...

It's not unusual for me to get caught napping in Kemo, Taba and Mookie can both guarantee this. I've been caught dozing up in one of the trees, or in a tunnel out of the rain several times by now.

Today I fell asleep in the Great Zero. Not the quiet little ante-chamber, but the main area. With the huge sparking crackling grinding machine. I don't know how. I also don't know why any of the people coming through didn't bother to wake me up either. Just polite?

Sitting in Gira now... chatting with a friend, waiting for my steamed rice to finish cooking. I'm still trying to work out how and why that... well.. nevermind that, I'll get to that later, once I post the other three parts of my re-cap. Should be tonight, or early morning.

Recap - Part 2 (The Uru Begins)

Posting from the surface...

This is where things start getting fun, and probably what most of you want to hear about anyway. A great deal of the information regarding Jeff Zandi was gathered from Zardoz's "Zandi Facts" website. (

The year 2002 is the first time the DRC really went public, posting their website ( to the general population. People began posting there, amazed and ecstatic at the discovery of the reality of D'ni. The DRC began posting there, using it as a hub to communicate with eachother, the restoration engineers, the authorized explorers, and of course all of us biting our nails up on the surface.

In April 2002, we all met Zandi for the first time. Well.... no that's not exactly right, but we'll come to that bridge soon. He posted a very simple message... "The gathered are known by their faces of stone." Equally as interesting was his user information, which had various unusual references, numbers, and dates. He posted the same message again just a few days later, but with different user information. Both of these threads were quickly deleted and swept under the rug.

In May 2002, Zandi started communicating with the explorers on the surface via the DRC forums. Not by posting nicely, or replying to threads... but by hijacking posts made by DRC member Victor Laxman, adding "The gathered are known by their faces of stone" and changing VICTOR's user information.

I could go on to write about everything that occured, but the Zandi Facts site that I've already cited has already done an excellent job of it. Here are the basic points....

1. Zandi had been at Mysterium 2001 in Carlsbad, New Mexico.
(Mysterium is a yearly conference for fans of all things Myst, D'ni, and Cyan.)

2. He had also purchased a billboard, which was very near the location of Mysterium 2001, featured a very unusual spiral symbol, and GPS coordinates. By the time the community had worked this all out, the sign had been gone for a while, and there was quite a bit of hoop jumping to find out what was on it.

3. The GPS coordinates had led us to a location in New Mexico where someone found a metal spiral, matching the one that had been on the billboard (and incidentally Zandi's shirt at Mysterium 2001).

4. On the spiral was carved the word "Preafter", which quickly led us to The people who had gathered the spiral were asked to send a photograph as proof. Once they had... one of the lines on the website's spiral disappeared.

5. This pattern continued on, puzzle, coordinates, spiral, until four spirals had been found. The final task was to gather all four spirals together. Once this had been done, five of the nine lines that protruded from the spiral online had been removed total, and suddenly it's true form had come clear.

The "preafter" spiral, minus five of it's rays, flipped around to become a handprint. The very handprint that most of us are familiar with as relating to Yeesha and her journey. Zandi's final task became clear... "make the journey". People across the globe began recreating the hand... the "journey"... in public places. People questioned it, and received explanations. Some didn't get it, some didn't believe, and some felt the call. Those who felt the call make up most of the ones who now join us in the cavern... the "Uru Explorers".

Uru explorers were granted access to the cavern by Zandi and presumeably Yeesha. They weren't authorized by the DRC, they were given books that the DRC definitely didn't approve of (Relto books), and were generally "tolerated" more than "accepted" by the DRC.


Mookie has returned to the surface, and I shall too. Once I get up and rest a bit, I'll edit these and post them. More is definitely to come.

Recap - Part 1 (History of the Restoration)

Posting from the surface...

I'm sitting in Kadish's art gallery in Ae'gura right now. This is being written on my iBook, not my KI... so I won't be able to post until I get back to the surface. I'm trying to help Mookie solve the puzzles of Kadish, but I don't want to give too much away, otherwise he won't learn the lesson he needs to. It's also the last of his four journeys, so it's a bit of a special moment. I'm not going to give too much of that away though, since a lot of people checking this may not have finished Yeesha's journey, and haven't learned the lessons yet.

My purpose for posting right now is a huge recap, for readers and for myself. It's been about four years since the reality of D'ni was made public, and a lot has happened since then. You could even say things were put into motion a year before that even. Or even longer. I'm not a D'ni historian, I can't tell you about all the great kings, or who wrote the ages we visit, or even what year the fall of D'ni occured. But I can tell you about the restoration, and almost everything leading up to this point. I guess I'll start at the very top...

A *very* brief history of the modern re-discovery of D'ni

In 1987, John Loftin and Elias Zandi discovered D'ni in Eddy County, New Mexico.

By 1990, Dr. Richard Watson joined John and Elias on a trip to D'ni.... then in 1991 they made another trek down. This time, John did not return.

By the end of 1991, Dr. Watson was helping the Miller brothers of "Cyan" on the surface start creating a game that would tell of D'ni history and technology. This game was released in late 1993 as "Myst" and would serve to reveal D'ni to the public, without having a mass of people all rushing to see it.

1992, Elias continued funding an exploration and restoration of D'ni. Since that period, the cavern has never been completely uninhabited.

After the completion of Myst in 1993, but before the release, Rand, Robyn, and Ryan Miller all visited D'ni for the first time.

In 1995, Elias brought his son Jeff down to the cavern for the first time. After many heated debated between them about the physical and spiritual aspects of restoring D'ni, the two parted ways. Only a year later, Elias died of a heart attack, and left his fortune to the the D'ni Restoration Foundtation, an organization he had put together before his passing. He left no money to Jeff, but left him the land around the entrance to the cavern on the surface.

In January 1997, Dr. Watson formed the D'ni Restoration Council along with Dr. Marie Sutherland, Dr. Ikuro Kodama, and Victor Laxman. Their fifth and final member Michael Engberg joined in 1999.

By 2002, the DRC started allowing authorized explorers to come to D'ni, along with the restoration engineers who had been working in D'ni for so many years. Late 2003 marked the first time that the general public was allowed access to the cavern.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Oh Jeez...

Posting from D'ni - Ae'gura...

I couldn't have picked a better day to start this if I had tried. Big (bad?) mojo going on down here, though not everyone knows yet. Actually, I still don't know if anyone can read these yet, so I'll post about it once I get back up to the surface to check on this, and get to a full-size keyboard.

But then again, if this isn't working, then telling you this is pointless anyway.

Inter-age Test #002

Posting from Eder Kemo...

D'ni Test

Posting from D'ni - Ae'gura...

Inktr-a_e Tssa #00q

Porksng $rom iy Srlto%%%

Surface Test

Posting from the surface...