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Monday, March 27, 2006

A Glimpse into the Future?

Posting from D'ni Ae'gura...

I had to turn in a lot earlier than usual for me last night... as a result, I'm also back down in the cavern a lot earlier than I'd normally be. I decided to have a look around before I get to work on the surface, and this is the quietest I've seen Ae'gura since the DRC opened up the museum a few days ago. Looking around without having to dodge droves of explorers flooding in and out of the museum made me realize I never posted about the most glaringly obvious thing. THE thing.

There's two linking books sitting on pedestals, both seem to have their linking panels laminated to prevent us from using them. I wonder if this is the DRC's way of saying "We're almost there guys, thanks for the support, we're working on it as hard as we can". Just a little tease of what could lie before us. I know I can't use them... but just the fact that they're there.. providing this one tiny glimpse into two entirely new worlds... is amazing.

One of the books I can see a flat surface with at least a dozen pillars rising out of the ground, in no particular discernable pattern. The image seems to suggest that it's a dusky cloudy age, possibly very humid and damp. I've been told that this is a link to an age called Todelmer. The second book shows what appears to be a window, looking out from within some sort of building. Beyond the window looks to be a lush jungle of a world... probably inhabited by all sorts of things. This age seems to be known as Negilahn.

Alas... earwax. They're both perfectly within reach, yet for now I still can't see the wonders that await us on the other side. But someday.... someday soon.

The third thing is much less obvious. When I woke, I noticed that a fellow explorer/blogger had posted comments regarding the Kahlo Pub. She suspects that some of the rubble that has been piled up in front of one of the passages inside the pub has been moved away. This might be hopeful (and cautious) optimism clouding my mind... but I took a look when I was on my way up from the ferry terminal, and I think she's right. It seems clearer now... maybe we'll be able to get through soon.

I have a suspicion that there's a book buried on the other side of that rubble. Well, maybe not a book, but a place where a book should be. Where a book *will* be. After all, why name it the Kahlo Pub if there's no link to Kahlo to be found? If this is correct... that brings the total up to three. Three ages just beyond our reach... the fact that Wheely Engberg has mentioned her father and Dr. Kodama in relation to Kahlo only makes it that much juicier.

It's also interesting to note that all three of these ages share something in common... they were all in Phase 4 restoration before the pull out in 2004. Personally, I'm still waiting for the DRC to unlock the doors from the Ae'gura canyon to the Kadish Gallery. I've been inside that gallery, I've seen what's on the other side of those doors... the balcony and stairs seem very stable at this point... so why not just open the doors?'s too quiet down here. I'd better get back to the surface.... nevermind the fact that it's almost freezing where I live. Florida isn't supposed to get this cold... especially in spring!


Blogger Taba said...

I'm SO happy you saw it too. Hopefully, soon, we'll be running amok in Kahlo, sccreaming it at the top of our lungs... and getting kicked out by the DRC for disturbing the peace.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Dalken Starbyne said...

T#st!ng te&t$ng KI tr*ns&#@si!n

11:27 PM  
Blogger Dalken Starbyne said...

There! Darn KI...I saw it too! I'm really excited!

11:28 PM  

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