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Monday, August 27, 2007


Posting from Relto...

Wow...we really need to get better about keeping this updated. vid, that means you too!

A lot...and I mean a LOT...has happened since the last update here...jeez...

There's the loss of Willow "Wheely" Engberg, and Rosette Taylor. The poor girls.

...A memorial was put up in the Kahlo Pub for it's a general memorial for all those from the Cavern who've been lost.

Mr. Engberg himself ran off down into the Descent, presumably looking for Dr. Watson...I say, good luck to him...

The Negilahn predator turned out to be the Bahro...well, some of them. It's kinda complicated, but suffice to say, some of them ended up attacking Sharper, while others saved him.

Bahro activity has shot through the ceiling...Bahro have been seen all over the City and in the 'hoods...rumors are running around about a Bahro civil war...Phil's returned, and says that the Bahro are indeed free, and that they're split into "good" and "evil" factions...whatever that means. Phil also mentioned that "he" was coming. That's gotten everyone speculating as to who "he" is, of course.

A Bahro visited my Relto on the 4th...that was, do I put it?

Confusing, to say the least. Didn't help that the guy didn't even understand English, and that I don't speak Bahro. Still, a couple questions were answered...sort of. A lot more were brought up, though.

I hope he comes back.

On an unrelated note, I just started my seinor year of high school. Last year of torture before I move on to what I'm sure will be even more torture! Yay for college! ...Well, at least I have moving to Spokane to look forward to. And after college, I'll apply at Cyan...and everything will be totally awesome. Well, almost everything, anyway.

Well...I don't think I forgot anything there...I'll try to remember to update more often...and you too, vid!



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