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Friday, March 24, 2006

Recap - Part 3 (The Fall of the Restoration)

Posting from the surface...

Yeah this took me a bit longer to get around to than I expected. There's been a lot going on in the cavern and on the surface, both personally and for the community as a whole. I'll get to most of that eventually... as it'll now end up in one of the recaps no doubt.

Obviously the restoration was made up of a LOT more people than just the five members of the DRC... even back when they were still part of an organization known as the DRF, there were lots of ResEngs (Restoration Engineers) doing work, getting things done.... anything from repairing equipment in the ages, to being gophers for the DRC and eachother. This is going to focus on two of them in particular, Phil Henderson and Douglas Sharper. As a disclaimer, I did not experience any of these events personally, and am writing this based from memory of other people's accounts. If there are any errors, please contact me so that I may fix them.

Douglas Sharper discovered the first linking books to Teledahn in the late ninetys/early 2000s, and was assigned to it's restoration. We can thank him for the use of all the working (and semi-working) equipment that we have access to in Teledahn today. He was also the first to discover the hidden passages in the back of Teledahn, though kept them a secret from the DRC, as well as being known to hunt the large aquatic creatures of the age that we have come to call "Shroomies".

He claimed the office in Teledahn as his own, as well as an office in Ae'gura that he kept hidden from the DRC and most of the other ResEngs, and seems to have used the Ae'Gura office as a sort of "base of operations". From reading the journal found in his Ae'Gura office, I'm led to believe that over the years he was growing very tired of the DRCs "Safety First" policies towards even the tiniest details. This might help explain part of why he was so eager to push things the way he did.

Another ResEng named Nick White spent a lot of time helping Sharper translate a large variety of D'ni texts relating to Teledahn and other things, as well as helping him slide a lot of things under the DRC's noses. Not nearly as much of a jerk (this is my opinion, I don't claim to represent the explorers as a whole) as Doug, but definitely an ally. After a time he was assigned to a pub in D'ni (which is currently inaccessible to us) that was also known as "The Watcher's Sanctuary". Besides this, he was also vying to take control of a pub in Ae'Gura called the "Kahlo Pub", which is broken down, but currently availible to visitation by us.

For a jump in discussion... most of the explorers these days are familiar with the large metal (or maybe stone?) doors that can be found in the ages that Yeesha has graced with her journey cloths. Towards the end of 2002, Phil Henderson became the first person to open one, in Eder Kemo. It's not known whether it opened itself for him, or if he found the required clothes, or if he just found some other way to open it... the point is, he OPENED it. He went through, and disappeared entirely. He completely fell off the grid, KI and all.

A few weeks later, he made contact with one of the authorized explorers, and confirmed that he was alright, and then disappeared again. It was around a year later that he was heard from again.... he had returned, a very different person than the one who had left so many months ago. He had taken Yeesha's journey, and was now a very strong supporter of her and her plans. It wasn't long before Sharper caught wind of this, and decided to "ally" with Phil.

Together the two of them made proclamations about the mistakes the DRC was making, and how important it was to follow Yeesha and learn the truth from her, not the DRC. I'm not sure that Douglas even knew what "the truth" was, he just seemed to like having some weight to throw around... and explorers rallied behind him. In late 2003 he rallied a huge group of explorers outside of the blocked off entrance to the Kahlo pub and together they destroyed the barricades that kept the pub blocked to the public. All of a sudden, we've got explorers who not only complain about the DRC, but are now violently disobeying them.

For reasons unknown to me, Phil later climbed to the Guild House on Ae'Gura. After a few minutes of speaking with members of the DRC about their views, about Yeesha's views, and about the explorer community as a whole, something broke loose and Phil was lost in a rock slide. I say "killed"... and God rest his soul if it's true... but a body was never found. Only a broken KI. Though it seems that Sharper was seen with Phil's Relto book.

Shortly after losing Phil, Dr. Watson returned to the surface, presumeably to grieve and probably rethink the restoration. Except for a very brief contact with the rest of the DRC, he hasn't been seen since the day he left. Victor Laxman, Dr. Kodama, Dr. Sutherland, and Michael Engberg are continued on in Dr. Watson's abscence... Victor opened up the Great Zero at the tip of Ae'gura and gave the explorers the tools to work together to re-calibrate it. To this day, the Great Zero has yet to be fully recalibrated. Despite their efforts however, the funding dried up... most likely because nobody wanted to be involved with something that would make them look bad in the public eye.

In February 2004, the restoration was officially cancelled, all ResEngs, Authorized Explorers, and even the Uru Explorers were escorted to the surface, and the caverns were locked off. For the first time in over ten years, D'ni was empty again.


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