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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Busy Day

Posting from Uru Obsession's Bevin...

Since yesterday, quite a few interesting things have cropped up. The museum in Ae'gura finally opened, bringing us back to the level of restoration we saw before the Bahro scream. The artwork that was removed from the walls during the D'mala period has been returned, and I can say that they're very fine paintings, even before you take into account their D'ni origins.

Also, just a little while ago, a Negilahn book was added to the museum (presumably by the DRC... Nick White was showing up in my KI at the time) and is available to all explorers. In an interesting development, it carries Yeesha's symbol, and as a result... use of this book adds a copy of it to your Relto bookshelf. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the age itself, as I have not yet had an opportunity to link there... I've got to wait for someone else, first.

Two new bahro stones have shown up as well. The first one appeared on the balcony that circles around the library in Ae'gura, and features a link to the top of the pyramid structure in Kadish Tolesa. From this location, you can get an extra close view of the giant firemarble when it rotates, if you have a friend inside the pyramid at the same time.

The second stone, I discovered in one of the default DRC neighborhoods. A stone pedestal with various bahro glyphs carved into it was sitting in the neighborhood's book room, and sitting on top of it was a link to a neighborhood's instance of Ae'gura... right beneath the large stalactite in the Tokotah Courtyard. The stone appears to link you to your neighborhood's instance, regardless of what neighborhood you link from. It's currently unknown what effect sharing the stone will have.

A third "sparkly" appeared today, this time in Eder Gira. This pretty well confirms the calendar theory. One sparkly seems to appear every month, on the first of that month, and there are twelve marks on the dial. So... if they do anything, it looks like we're not going to know about it until December. Patience.

On the subject of patience... I'm trying to excercise a lot of it, right now, but it's draining. To occupy myself until I can link to Negilahn, I'm been sitting in the Uru Obsession book room, hoping to catch Yeesha, a Bahro, or SOMEONE in the act of placing that stone. Nothing so far, though, just an empty neighborhood, and the sound of the waterfall.

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