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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Recap - Part 5 (D'ni D'mala)

Posting from D'ni - UruObsession(1) Neighborhood...

The word "D'mala" means return in the D'ni language, and is often used to refer to events that occur after the return of the DRC in February. This is going to be the final "recap" and I hope to cover all of the events that have occured since D'mala, and point out some interesting points and unsolved mysteries.

The DRC are not being fully funded just yet... they've been granted some money, giving them a chance to prove to their benefactors that the restoration is worth the effort, and potentially profitable. For them to consider the restoration at all after all this time however, there has to be someone involved who is knowledgeable and cautiously optimistic involved.

One of the men responsible for the restoration's reprieve is named "Blake Lewin", who is also traceable back to the GameTap subscription service on the surface. A love of video games, could mean a love of Cyan's game, could mean a love of the history behind them. Or it could be another Blake entirely. Of course, he can't be the only one pulling the strings, but he's the one most willing to personally come down and see how things are going so far. Here's hoping he likes what he sees.

About two weeks after D'mala began, Marie Sutherland of the DRC joined us in one of the neighborhood community rooms for an announcement. The DRC have called for five liaisons to serve as communicators between the explorers and the DRC, to get ideas and information across in both directions. Almost a month has passed, and nominations for the liaison positions have closed with twenty-eight people vying for the position, and I feel like almost any five of them would make an excellent liaison team. Incidentally... I'm in that list of twenty-eight.

Over this past month, many people were nominated or nominated themselves, and many have dropped out altogether. There's been groups who don't want liaisons at all, groups that want more liaisons than five, and groups that think all the other groups are out of their minds. It's also a point of interest that explorers pitched the idea of liaisons over two years ago, but it was shot down by the DRC. My how times have changed. But we all stand fast and stand together, even amongst the disagreements... it's still a tightly knit community we have here.

Michael Engberg's daughter, Willow, has joined us explorers in the cavern too under the name Wheely. It's been mentioned a few times that her father and Dr. Kodama seem to be examining the age of Kahlo for safety. It's also been made clear that the DRC all carrying Relto books of their own now... I asked Marie about this personally, and her response was that the DRC now had a "Use with caution" sort of stance about them. I'm feeling confident that they all ended up taking the journey during the absence.

Nick White has been supposedly sighted in the cavern... when asked about his old friend Sharper, he said that we probably shouldn't expect to see him around anymore. Though this brings me to the reason I said that I started this thing just in time back on the first day. The day I created this blog, I linked down to the cavern to test the KI posting system, and discovered that someone by the name of Douglas Sharper had passed through one of the DRC neighborhoods. It's unknown whether this is THE Doug Sharper or not, however.

Just a few days ago, the DRC got the scope and buckets in Teledahn working properly for the first time, as well as the first set of locks for Kadish Tolesa. The museum is also open for the first time, which has allowed us to finish the missions required to recalibrate the Great Zero for the first time. I can only hope that once enough of us have finished these missions, the GZ will indeed be up and working properly.

For a couple of more points of interest, the numbers hidden in Doug's Ae'gura office have yet to have any meaning to anyone as far as I know. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, try taking a closeup KI photo of the middle painting in the office. "3 1 4" indeed. Also, our old friend Jeff Zandi seems to have moved to somewhere in Texas. He still comes around from time to time to help new explorers into the cavern... but for the most part it seems that he's left his airstream trailer abandoned near the cleft. You'll be missed Jeff.

I guess that's finally it... I can't think of anything important that I haven't covered in one of the recaps. So I guess for now, it's done. Either way, I think this recap will serve both of it's purposes well. One was to be a reflection for myself, and the second is to give new explorers something to get them caught up on exactly how and why most of us are here... because not everyone has been around through all of these joys and tribulations.

To D'ni!


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