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Friday, January 06, 2012

Still Here, Too

Posting from error...

vid, good to hear from ya! At first, I thought my KI was acting up...I tried to keep these things tied in to the feed, but you were always better at tweaking the these than me. Guess you should know this reporter is still out and about, as well. The cavern is pretty quiet, though. There's a bit of life here and there; it's not all gone, but there's certainly a lot less action than when I was actively field reporting for TCT.

Although apparently I need to work on this delay between when a post is made and when it actually informs me of that.

Well anyhow, I'm still around. Usually getting lost in Minkata or reflecting in the cool air of the Great Shaft...and occasionally I'll take a stroll through Delin. Love the smell of the air there, you know.

Until next time, this is Dalken Starbyne, saying goodnight.


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