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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

With a boom boom boom...

Posting from the surface...

...and a bang bang bang, do yo thang, do yo thang, boom-buh-buh-boom boom bang bang bang.

*attempts to moonwalk, trips, falls, stands*

I love how just a few hours in the cavern can make an entire day of trying circumstances melt away... especially if you're with the right people. I'd still be there, except I've got things to finish tomorrow, otherwise bad things will occur. But that's all easy peasy at this point, just gotta finish it up, lock it down, and ship it.

In news that people actually CARE about, I'm definitely not the only person who thinks that the rubble in the Kahlo Pub has been moved... and apart from that, a LOT of people are commenting that the cavern seems to be brighter. I can't say I've noticed that second one, but I'm starting to wonder. Something's going on, something big, something wonderful.... and when it happens, I'm gonna be there on the front lines.

Incidentally, others may soon be joining me in posting here... I'm not entirely certain yet. At least one person has requested posting privileges, and I'll see about getting him set up sometime tomorrow. So look forward to hearing some hot air from someone besides me.

*resumes his bad moonwalking long enough to grab his turkey burger, eat it, then fall into his futon*


Blogger Taba said...

Even bad moonwalking is better than the odd shuffle-clap dance of male avvies ;)

2:45 PM  
Blogger Dalken Starbyne said...

Hehehehe true dat Taba

10:26 PM  

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