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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Recap - Part 1 (History of the Restoration)

Posting from the surface...

I'm sitting in Kadish's art gallery in Ae'gura right now. This is being written on my iBook, not my KI... so I won't be able to post until I get back to the surface. I'm trying to help Mookie solve the puzzles of Kadish, but I don't want to give too much away, otherwise he won't learn the lesson he needs to. It's also the last of his four journeys, so it's a bit of a special moment. I'm not going to give too much of that away though, since a lot of people checking this may not have finished Yeesha's journey, and haven't learned the lessons yet.

My purpose for posting right now is a huge recap, for readers and for myself. It's been about four years since the reality of D'ni was made public, and a lot has happened since then. You could even say things were put into motion a year before that even. Or even longer. I'm not a D'ni historian, I can't tell you about all the great kings, or who wrote the ages we visit, or even what year the fall of D'ni occured. But I can tell you about the restoration, and almost everything leading up to this point. I guess I'll start at the very top...

A *very* brief history of the modern re-discovery of D'ni

In 1987, John Loftin and Elias Zandi discovered D'ni in Eddy County, New Mexico.

By 1990, Dr. Richard Watson joined John and Elias on a trip to D'ni.... then in 1991 they made another trek down. This time, John did not return.

By the end of 1991, Dr. Watson was helping the Miller brothers of "Cyan" on the surface start creating a game that would tell of D'ni history and technology. This game was released in late 1993 as "Myst" and would serve to reveal D'ni to the public, without having a mass of people all rushing to see it.

1992, Elias continued funding an exploration and restoration of D'ni. Since that period, the cavern has never been completely uninhabited.

After the completion of Myst in 1993, but before the release, Rand, Robyn, and Ryan Miller all visited D'ni for the first time.

In 1995, Elias brought his son Jeff down to the cavern for the first time. After many heated debated between them about the physical and spiritual aspects of restoring D'ni, the two parted ways. Only a year later, Elias died of a heart attack, and left his fortune to the the D'ni Restoration Foundtation, an organization he had put together before his passing. He left no money to Jeff, but left him the land around the entrance to the cavern on the surface.

In January 1997, Dr. Watson formed the D'ni Restoration Council along with Dr. Marie Sutherland, Dr. Ikuro Kodama, and Victor Laxman. Their fifth and final member Michael Engberg joined in 1999.

By 2002, the DRC started allowing authorized explorers to come to D'ni, along with the restoration engineers who had been working in D'ni for so many years. Late 2003 marked the first time that the general public was allowed access to the cavern.


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