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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Agh, vid!

Posting from Descent'...

Hey, Dalken again. Something's gone wrong with vid, granted I'm not sure what exactly. I figured I'd write everything down here, maybe to get my thoughts straight. Last time I saw him before he had a "problem" was on Sunday about 12 AM in the Great Shaft. Later, he and Janine both jumped into the Shaft together, and a few minutes after that he appeared the Uru Obsession 'hood, where Montgomery and K'Tania where talking, and started freaking out. After eventually going to the 'hood balcony and jumping off of it, we didn't see him for a day. On his website, his In Real Time cam had been knocked over, showing Atrus' map of the journey to the Cavern, what might or might not be a linking book, and a partially torn note. On the map, the Great Shaft was circled, but unfortunately the note was illegible. Then Monday, vid showed up again, and after going to and then leaving the Great Shaft, he kept linking from Age to Age. Later, Thend and I caught him in his Negilahn, where he mentioned that people (explorers) were following him, and that might be bad. After I apparently got too close to him, he jumped over the railing and dissapeared. Luckily, however, I was able to catch him again in Eder Delin and talk to him. After offering my help, he told me "this is [his] problem" and also that he was gathering things. He told me to stay away from him as well, because getting too close is dangerous, and that that would force him to jump, which only slows him down. After a few minutes, other explorers started showing up in Delin, and [ Shadow ] got too close and scared vid off. Me and a few other explorers were later able to catch him once again back in the Great Shaft, where he seemed to be gathering more things. He coughed once and spit into a napkin (which has started a huge fear of a disease spreading) and asked to get past, and he went into the main part of the Shaft. Once again people got too close to him, despite my warnings I might add, and he jumped into the Shaft. We haven't seen him since. During this whole fiasco on Monday, vid's IRT cam also went black, and then went to a fizzled-out screen, and hasn't changed from that so far.

Now, no one seems to be able to figure out anything else. No one has been able to do anything to read the note that was on vid's IRT cam, and this whole situation is still as "nebulous", as Thend put it, as ever.

vid, if you can read this...please, come back safe from wherever you've gone and whatever you're doing. I think I'm speaking for the majority of the explorer population when I say, I'm really worried about you.


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