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Friday, May 04, 2007

Mold and Plants...Waeh?

Posting from the surface...

So on Wednesday night, an explorer, SBernath, got into vid's house and found his letter, and took a picture of it for us to see. It reads as follows:

"Matt, lockbox: 9879

I wanted to talk to you in person, but can't wait anymore. Going to go hide out for a while, I don't know where yet. I nearly put a few explorers in the cavern at risk, so I had to get them to panic and leave the neighborhood. Make sure they know that I'm alright and not to worry. Use the boards. [Right here there's an arrow pointing to a part in the margin that says "DON'T USE THE BOOK!"] As soon as I can get a better grasp on the situation, I'll put some information in the usual place.

After reading the note, it occured to me to check vid's website, and sure enough was a valid link. I found there a "placeholder" message for this Matt character (who I can only assume is vid's roomate, whom some of us in the cavern know as Spock), as well as a report encoded in *.rar format. After downloading the file and decompressing it, I found an MP3 file named "report.mp3". This is what vid had to say:

"Uh...hi, this is... this is vid. I...I think it's been either four of five days real time now. I... I'm having trouble keeping it straight in my head. I'm sorry it took so long to get some news to you, but I went down to the cavern a couple days ago to get some of the mold from the Shaft, but a lot of panicked explorers kept stopping me, so, based... based on this, I'm going to assume that you either forgot or just didn't care enough to pass along my message. I feel pretty sick. I think that some of my stuff on the surface was tampered with, but the effects aren't what I'd expect, either, and, uh, I'm almost positive it's related to my continuous contact with the experiments I was conducting on the plants. {Coughing} I took my samples with me, but I lost a lot of my notes when I was... when I was leaving, so I can't remember a lot of the data regarding locations, soil, and stuff like that. I'm gonna rest for a little while, and hope that a fresh mind can kinda jog my memory. soon as I know more, you'll probably be the first to know about it. Just be sure to keep your eyes, um, here. Um, alright, uh, according to the newspaper it's, it''s dark. I don't know what time it is. I don't know... I guess, I hope this'll upload. It should work, if I can still establish the link to my PC at home."

From listening to that report, I can tell he's really sick. I hope he comes back down to the cavern, soon. Hopefully we can figure out where these plants he was experimenting on are at...

For now, I'm going to go down to the Great Shaft and collect some of that mold vid was trying to get. I don't have any knowledge of how to deal with it, but hopefully someone else does, or at the very least vid will come back down so that I can give the samples to him.

vid, get better soon. Please.


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