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Friday, March 24, 2006

Recap - Part 4 (Until Uru)

Posting from the surface...

The word "Uru" means "gathering" or "city" in several languages, including D'ni. This is why the explorers that were called by Yeesha and gathered by Zandi were referred to as the "Uru Explorers". Even after being removed from the cavern, most of us remained hopeful for a return, if not by the DRC, then perhaps by Yeesha, or maybe even of our own accord. As such, many refer to this period as "Until Uru".... until we can gather again.

There are lots of accounts from explorers who claim to have visited the cavern on solo expeditions, but many of these conflict with each other greatly... because I cannot confirm what is true and what isn't, I will avoid these. I mean no offense to the solo explorers, it's just I want to keep these notes as accurate as I possibly can.

The community still remained as close as ever for the most part... people still gathered together on the surface, and those who's homes on the surface were too distant often chose to remain in touch via e-mail, forums, or many other means. Personally, I retreated back into the shadows... returning to my old habits of quietly watching and waiting, moreso than taking part in events. It was more like watching everything in motion from outside a large picture window, instead of being inside like I should have been. I regret this now.... but that's my own story.

Six months after the restoration ended, Victor Laxman got in touch with the community... he had worked with Cyan Worlds to get explorers back into the cavern. It wouldn't be the same... the DRC wouldn't be there, nothing would be worked on.... but those who wanted to return had the option to. Many people took this offer and returned to the caverns, but it was never a full time thing. People came and went in seperate groups, instead of the large gathering that used to be. The cavern was open, but it wasn't a gathering.... there was no uru.

To make matters even worse, in September 2005 Cyan Worlds closed it's doors and released the final game in their legendary Myst series. Not only had we lost our link to D'ni, but the people who supplied us with D'ni knowledge and stories on the surface was gone too. For the first time since Myst was released, the community felt completely alone.... and then there was a miracle. About a month later, Cyan got funding. They have yet to tell us from where, or why, but they got funding. Several months later, we got our second miracle. Someone was also funding the DRC... possibly the same group? Someone who loved D'ni and the restoration enough to try and pick it up off it's feet?

On February 15, 2006 the DRC officially returned to the cavern, and opened it to all interested explorers. Once again, an uru was beginning.

There's one more recap that I'll be writing, describing the events of "D'ni D'mala" so far. After that... well, we'll just see how the great tree chooses to grow.


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