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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Recap - Part 2 (The Uru Begins)

Posting from the surface...

This is where things start getting fun, and probably what most of you want to hear about anyway. A great deal of the information regarding Jeff Zandi was gathered from Zardoz's "Zandi Facts" website. (

The year 2002 is the first time the DRC really went public, posting their website ( to the general population. People began posting there, amazed and ecstatic at the discovery of the reality of D'ni. The DRC began posting there, using it as a hub to communicate with eachother, the restoration engineers, the authorized explorers, and of course all of us biting our nails up on the surface.

In April 2002, we all met Zandi for the first time. Well.... no that's not exactly right, but we'll come to that bridge soon. He posted a very simple message... "The gathered are known by their faces of stone." Equally as interesting was his user information, which had various unusual references, numbers, and dates. He posted the same message again just a few days later, but with different user information. Both of these threads were quickly deleted and swept under the rug.

In May 2002, Zandi started communicating with the explorers on the surface via the DRC forums. Not by posting nicely, or replying to threads... but by hijacking posts made by DRC member Victor Laxman, adding "The gathered are known by their faces of stone" and changing VICTOR's user information.

I could go on to write about everything that occured, but the Zandi Facts site that I've already cited has already done an excellent job of it. Here are the basic points....

1. Zandi had been at Mysterium 2001 in Carlsbad, New Mexico.
(Mysterium is a yearly conference for fans of all things Myst, D'ni, and Cyan.)

2. He had also purchased a billboard, which was very near the location of Mysterium 2001, featured a very unusual spiral symbol, and GPS coordinates. By the time the community had worked this all out, the sign had been gone for a while, and there was quite a bit of hoop jumping to find out what was on it.

3. The GPS coordinates had led us to a location in New Mexico where someone found a metal spiral, matching the one that had been on the billboard (and incidentally Zandi's shirt at Mysterium 2001).

4. On the spiral was carved the word "Preafter", which quickly led us to The people who had gathered the spiral were asked to send a photograph as proof. Once they had... one of the lines on the website's spiral disappeared.

5. This pattern continued on, puzzle, coordinates, spiral, until four spirals had been found. The final task was to gather all four spirals together. Once this had been done, five of the nine lines that protruded from the spiral online had been removed total, and suddenly it's true form had come clear.

The "preafter" spiral, minus five of it's rays, flipped around to become a handprint. The very handprint that most of us are familiar with as relating to Yeesha and her journey. Zandi's final task became clear... "make the journey". People across the globe began recreating the hand... the "journey"... in public places. People questioned it, and received explanations. Some didn't get it, some didn't believe, and some felt the call. Those who felt the call make up most of the ones who now join us in the cavern... the "Uru Explorers".

Uru explorers were granted access to the cavern by Zandi and presumeably Yeesha. They weren't authorized by the DRC, they were given books that the DRC definitely didn't approve of (Relto books), and were generally "tolerated" more than "accepted" by the DRC.


Mookie has returned to the surface, and I shall too. Once I get up and rest a bit, I'll edit these and post them. More is definitely to come.


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