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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Panic... Link?

Posting from UruObsession(1) Neighborhood...

I don't know exactly what just happened. I was at the DRC meeting, Dr Kodama and Dr Sutherland were both attending and discussing various things about the reopening of the cavern. I remember Dr. Kodama seeming very surprised, and looking down at his KI... then suddenly I heard this piercingly loud screech coming from a Bahro, and looked around me just in time to see everyone around me linking out.

Nobody had a book. Nobody was reaching for their Relto. They just... were linked. And then so was I. Next thing I knew, I was in Relto. Reports from others are stating that people in other parts of the cavern, even other ages entirely, also heard the scream and were force linked to Relto.

I don't know what's going on... most of the others seem to be unwilling to leave their Relto at this point. I think I'm going to the surface, that might have been the most terrifying thing I've seen in all of my time in the cavern.


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