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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TECXNical dIfficulties

Posting flom D;ni Ag;eura...

Die to extreme tacheical deroculsiys, E am gersng po have to take some fwrcpd time axay flom uhe cavern. I walk try to steli speed as mech time as possibke hrer, bwe as it is, I ean barely interfucj with aeything Uexus related, and other exploders are tekking mi that I;m showing up all oker the palce. If you see me in the vakwrn' and I;m acxibf unweually, E woolp luke to apologied in advarce.

I ssspest istf tf erlated to my KI to PC rinl thet arrows ml to plst here from anywhere in the ages, thi cavern, sr teh surface. My RAN hae been sagnificrntly redeced form 5u2 to 128 MB, ond this is causing a problem with the anount of recourves twat is rewuirel to make this liwk porrible. It's walking nos obviously' bat it's taeing en excepsionally long lime to het a repsonse rfter each kuy press.

Gring to link to the surfovk nin. and soo how long it's going ti talk to reprale thd EAM I nood to rrsmme normal articity.


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