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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Checking In...

Posting from D'ni - Ae'gura...

Right now, I'm watching explorers forming a sit-in outside of the Museum. Apparently they're upset that it's still barricaded, even though the DRC Site says it's been finished since January 4. I really wish people would stop immediately jumping to "displays of numbers" as soon as they have a problem with something... I'm sure there's a good reason that the Museum is still off limits.

Besides the Museum, Ae'gura and the Neighborhoods have been opened up to the state they were in before the scream incident occured. The Great Zero is open also, but since explorers can only get twenty-five of the required thirty markers to get in, no one can access the recalibration chamber yet. For some reason, the markers that would normally be found pinging away in the Neighborhoods have been shut off. I suspect it's just a problem with the GZ's distribution of markers, and not something intentionally shut down.

In other news, the new DRC Site was put online towards the beginning of the month. It's very... clean. Corporate. I'm upset, because a lot of the details that were posted there have been removed from this new design, as well as the Forums being inaccessible from the main site... but it's good to see some activity at least. It's even home to the news that explorers can help in the restoration of a stained glass piece that used to hang over the Eder Tsogal linking books.

Speaking of that... Eder Delin and Eder Tsogal are both officially open and available to explore. Eder Tsogal... is a very sunny and slightly overgrown place, with beautiful shimmering pools of water, while Eder Delin is an amazing garden, where a beautiful purple twilight pervades the sky. I've been waiting to visit Eder Delin since the DRC Liaisons first showed us a photo of it back in April. There will be an additional post regarding the two new ages, soon.

Earlier, I mentioned that the forums were no longer available from the main page of the DRC Site. Cate Alexander (the woman currently controlling the funding of the DRC) had them removed, saying that it seemed nobody really cared about them. After about a week of people complaining, with a LOT of help from Michael Engberg... the forums were restored, but were not to be linked from the main site. Thereby, effectively making them accessible only to veteran explorers.

In other news, the current DRC Liaisons, tired of being torn apart by their fellow explorers for varying things, all simultaneously resigned from their posts. Most of them reformed into the "D'ni Network", a group of people that have pretty much the exact same job as before.... except they're no longer officially a DRC group, and as such can respond to griefers as they see fit. I fully support this change, and have found the D'Net to be an even greater boon to our community than before.

The most surprising piece of news comes from Sil_Oh_Wet's Bevin, where a bunch of explorers tried to "summon" Yeesha, by gathering together and doing things such as forming a giant spiral. (As seen in Eder Tsogal and Eder Delin. More on that in the appropriate post.) After a while, most of the group left and only a few remained behind. Those few reported seeing a hologram of Yeesha flicker in and out for a moment on top of the 'hood fountain. KI photos were taken, and given the level of difficulty involved in faking photos within the KI system, I have no doubt that this occured. The question for now, is HOW?


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