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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mysterium 2006 - Spokane

Posting from the surface...

I'm in Spokane. Well, I will be for about another thirty minutes or so. Actually, I'm writing this in conjunction with another post... one post is just the restoration related information and speculation you'd expect to find here, another seperate post will be a more personal look at Mysterium. So there's a good chance that when I finish this post, I might no longer be in Spokane.


Ok, now I can confirm that. Since I wrote that last bit, I've left, been in two airports, and been in the air entirely too long. I belong underground, not in the sky. However, I'm going to try and remember and get the more pertinent bits written down, even though I won't be able to upload anything before we land.

Everyone who registered as a visitor to Cyan received a card with a DRC stamp and a number on it. Apparently if we hold onto this card, Cyan will be sending down Mysterium 2006 shirts to all of the attendees who are also explorers. Though Rand also warned that it might not be until some time "in the future", and to be patient.

Several Cyanists let on that they knew of the path of the shell, and part of me suspects that at least a few of them have probably walked that path, as well as taking Yeesha's journey. But then again, I asked a few of the Cyanists if they had been to D'ni personally, and the answer was usually "no". They also confirmed for me that the events portrayed in Myst V are based in fact, and it's not just an interesting but fictional conclusion to the Myst story.

During a question and answer session, I was lucky enough to ask RAWA (that is Richard A. Watson) if he had any intentions of returning to D'ni, or at least letting the DRC and all the explorers know where he's been since he left the restoration. RAWA is a very shy man it seems... very kind, and very willing to answer as much as he can for us, but quite shy. Rand answered for him, explaining that RAWA and Dr. Watson are not actually one and the same.

Gah.. this is confusing. They must be related? Twin brothers? So the feed from the previous Mysterium... was that RAWA or Dr. Watson?

Actually.. we'll be touching down soon, so I guess I'll stop for now and post this as soon as I can, then write up the more personal observations later.


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