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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rudenna Mystery

Posting from D'ni - Rudenna...

For over two years now, I've believed that a Relto book could work from anywhere, no matter what. That it was an absolute, something you could always count on when you were in trouble. Today I became aware of something that made me realize how much I took the book for granted.

Explorers who strive to finish Yeesha's journey will pass through a certain cave several times. The first few times you pass through this area, it registers in your KI as "???"... somewhere that's unregistered in the Nexus. But later on, you revisit what appears to be the same area, except it shows up as "D'ni - Rudenna".

Most explorers immediately choose to take the flying leap through the opening in the floor of the cave, which at first results in falling into an endless void of stars until you link back to Relto. After the cave is registered as "Rudenna" you are sent tumbling through the open air above D'ni, until, once again, you link back to Relto.

But what if you try to link to Relto while still in the cave itself? Suppose the hole wasn't there, and it had been covered, or simply didn't exist? I tried opening my Relto book... and all that was inside was a black panel. I've confirmed with others that this is true in both Rudenna and the "???" location as well. So clearly there is a variable at work here that can cause Relto books to lose their functionality. But how?

This also brings up another point... are Rudenna and "???" actually the same place, but somehow altered to suit your current needs? Maybe the same place but at different points in time? Rudenna is DEFINITELY in the ceiling of the cavern, anyone who's taken the jump out can be certain of that. But what about the "???" area? Is that in D'ni? Is it another age?

These unsolveable mysteries are killing me.


Blogger Whilyam said...

From what I understand, ??? and Rudena are the same, just in two places at once. One in the cavern, one over the star fissure. I've heard Direbo has bubbles that act in the same way (being in two Ages at once).

6:58 PM  

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