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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Restoration Progress List

Posting from D'ni - Ae'gura...

Whoa! Surprise update today... the DRC have updated their Age List for the first time since they suspended everything. Here's a couple of interesting observations..

Teledahn, Eder Gira, Eder Kemo, Kadish Tolesa, and Gahreesen are all listed as "Open+" where they used to all be at "Phase 5". No further restoration has gone on in any of these ages, yet they're all listed as officially open. Gahreesen is still a mess... there's still lots of broken structure in Kadish Tolesa and Teledahn.. does this mean that restoration has stopped on these ages?

The Ae'gura Docks, Library, and Museum are also listed as "Open+" even though the Library and Museum are still mostly blocked off. Kahlo, Negilahn, and Todelmer are still listed as "Suspended", and Eder Delin isn't even listed. A few have gone from "Suspended" to "TBD". There's also two ages listed that weren't before... Eder Tsogahl and Rahtevnee.

Hm. Could Eder Tsogahl be another name for Eder Delin? Or is it a fourth "Eder" age?

Gah. They finally update the thing, and it just confuses me even more. Oh well, at least it's a sign of progress, I suppose.

Edit: Marie posted a clarification... Eder Delin was overlooked when updating the age list. That means four "Eder" ages are known now...


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