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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Different Paths...

Posting from D'ni - Ae'gura...

Can't sleep... so I've been wandering Ae'gura for a little while. Right now I'm just sitting in the pub listening to the idle chatter... nothing to add, nothing to report, it's just sound right now. Luckily for me though, there's a good supply of Pepsi hidden behind the bar amongst all of the alcohol.

So I'm sitting here on the bar, and wondering what this place would look like if Sharper and those explorers hadn't broken into it so long ago. Is there a chance it'd be restored by now? Or at least less of a mess than it is now? Could some have actually been running the place, serving thirsty ResEngs and Authorized Explorers? Would Uru Explorers be turned away, for not being recognized by the DRC? Would someone be yelling at me to get off the bar?

Though I also just realized that that Authorized/Uru Explorers division would only occur had something happened and the DRC had never lost funding to start with... and even then, I don't feel like a division that sharp would occur. Even then, the two groups got along just fine, even though the DRC themselves generally seemed pretty annoyed with the sharp influx of people.

But back to the pub... would those big metal doors across the room be open? Would that big imager be displaying menus, or messages, or status reports? Would all of these fallen rocks be tables instead? And of course there's that big passage, where I keep hoping we're going to find the DRC has neatly placed a Kahlo book one day... heh. I'd really love to see this place back at 100%... I mean, that goes for EVERYWHERE in the cavern, but the pub is a nice closed intimate sort of environment.. so it'd just make a great place to go to sit and discuss and debate with people. Maybe we could pipe in some music too!

Hm... why did they break in here in the first place? Did they want to look around this poor run down pub that badly? Maybe there was something here that Sharper wanted or needed? But that might just be me making him out to be a bad guy... I don't agree with his ways... but I don't think he's necessarily a BAD guy. After the events of the past few years, I keep wondering if we'll see him again, and he'll be a little less brash about his actions.

Hm... guess I'll go wander around and see if I can find some more stuff to rampantly speculate about.


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