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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Town Hall - The KI and the Great Zero

Posting from D'ni - DRC(35) Neighborhood...

The morning Town Hall meeting with Victor Laxman just concluded... a number of people kept losing their KI connections during the meeting, but all things considered it went very well. Even Victor lost his connection a few times... I'm pretty sure it was the lattice giving him his birthday licks.

I'll be posting a few notable bits of information here, but for a full log of the meeting I recommend checking with the DRC Liaisons later on.

Most of the processing of data takes place in the primary lattice array, rather than within each individual KI. Because of this, the system can be changed and upgraded on the fly. One such upgrade was that the Great Zero was not originally linked to the KI, but was added as an upgrade later.

The Nexus cannot be used without a KI to log in with, so if anyone used a Nexus book without having a KI, they would be trapped there. It seems that it was planned this way... the elite members of society could move about freely, while anyone who had not received a KI would simply be stuck in the Nexus. It's assumed that the Nexus was monitored, and those who became trapped would be fined and released, though this is uncertain.

Phil Henderson's KI was identified after his accident in 2003 by removing a crystalline ID strand from it's crushed remains, and putting that into a working KI.

To bring the Great Zero to full functionality, it needs more samples... that is to say it needs more explorers finishing the marker missions. Similar to surface based GPS receivers, it improves it's accuracy everytime it receives more samples from satellites (or in our case, KIs). On a related note, the Great Zero has been recording unusual extra data along with the valid samples... unfortunately the only way the DRC knows to clear that up is a complete restart of the Great Zero. It's being evaluated as to whether or not that will be necessary.

The primary lattice is just one of hundreds. As the DRC restores and brings more of them online, the processing of data between KIs and all KI based systems will improve.

Very interesting stuff... well at least it is to a tech nerd like myself. So a huge thanks and a happy birthday to Victor for coming in early to answer our questions and spread his knowledge. There will also be a second meeting later tonight, so there may be more updates then...

Edit: Victor was unable to attend the second meeting, likely because he was probably out partying like a maniac. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Though it's just as well, as I slept through the meeting while lying down in the flowers in Eder Kemo... it's a wonder I didn't drown.


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