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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Caught in the Mysterium

Posting from the D'ni - Town Hall 1(148) Neighborhood...

Whew. It's been a while... been busy trying to keep a few new balls in the air on the surface, so I haven't had much time to sit and give commentary on the daily life in D'ni these days.

However, something did just come to mind that I thought might be of interest. Mysterium is coming up, and this is the first year that I'll personally be going. To say I'm excited would be a TERRIBLE understatement... I've been meaning to go since the very first in the year 2000. But this year is different... Cyan themselves invited the Myst fans and D'ni explorers to their headquarters in Spokane. This was set in stone before the return of the restoration was confirmed, but one can't help but wonder if they're related.

Let's recap a bit...

Mysterium 2001 - Carlsbad, NM: This is when and where the now infamous "Preafter" billboard was originally placed. Zandi was also there personally, if I remember correctly. Of course nobody knew who he was, at the time.

Mysterium 2002 - Philadelphia, PA: And this is one of the first times that Zandi contacted would be explorers personally, with his fax to the hotel of coordinates. One of the things that got the Preafter hunt rolling.

Mysterium 2003 - Spokane, WA: I WANT to say that this was the first time that a view of D'ni was given to anyone outside of Cyan or the DRC and their authorized explorers. Maybe it was 2002? I'm not sure... but I do know that there was a live inter-age transmission from Eder Kemo with Rand and Dr. Watson.

With the restoration slowly building up to full capacity once again, I'm very curious to see if anything interesting is going to present itself this year. If not, I can safely say that I'm still going to be having the time of my life away from my usual life on the surface, and spending some quality surface time with the explorers I've become familiar with throughout all of these months in D'ni.

But Zandi... I'll definitely be watching for you.


Blogger Whilyam said...

Have fun, vid. Be sure to come back with stories of what goes on for those that stick behind. ;)

7:04 PM  

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