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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bahro Activity, Nexus Woes, and Archiving

Posting from Teledahn...

I can now confirm a couple of the rumors I mentioned before... a Bahro stone has appeared in Eder Kemo, behind the large rotating statue. The stone links to the classroom roof in your respective neighborhood, which brings up a new theory... the Bahro stones need to bind themselves to a book to work. The stone has to be bound to my neighborhood linking book, otherwise it'd likely link me to some unknown 'hood, instead of the rooftop in MY specific neighborhood. This also stands true with the stone that can be found in Gahreesen for the 'hood balcony.

I don't know how long the stone will be around, or how frequently we'll see it again if it disappears though. As always... to my knowledge the DRC does not condone the use of unauthorized links, including Bahro stones... so you are linking at your own risk. Though that also brings up ANOTHER theory... last time a stone was sighted (the Teledahn dock stone near the Ae'gura ferry terminal) it was just after the museum had been officially opened to explorers for the first time. It was also just after the DRC Liaisons had been elected. I'm starting to believe that the Bahro may be rewarding everyone in a way, whenever progress is made in the restoration. After all... the GZ seems to be that much closer to being fully functional now... and a stone appears just a couple of days later.

Also of note.. the stone links to the classroom roof. It's a requirement that explorers get to that rooftop to complete one of the missions to recalibrate the Great Zero. Up until now, intrepid explorers have had to carefully jump down from the 'hood balcony onto the rooftop to grab the calibration marker there... but with this stone, it's only a link away. Perhaps they're actually trying to help us along in the effort to restore the GZ?

The lattice has been acting very strangely for the past few days. Explorers are being forced to register new KIs as their old ones suddenly stop registering in the system. This is frustrating, because the only way that we can register our new KIs under our old identities would be to erase the old KI from the system... which means losing all of our data. So those of us who have had to get new KIs are also running the markers for the Great Zero again to both calibrate the new KI, as well as add that much more help to the job of recalibrating the GZ. I was in the Baron's office earlier and... oh... hm.

I don't know if I've ever posted about this, but there's something very unusual in the Baron's office in Ae'gura. If you photograph the center painting of Teledahn, you'll notice D'ni numbers appear in the upper right hand corner of the painting. "3 1 4". Those have been there since I first came down way back at the start of 2004, but as far as I know, no one has found a purpose or meaning for them. Who knows... it could be anything from an auction number, to a secret code for some D'ni vault. Maybe Sharper put them there himself, who knows. But the point of bringing this up... is that while I was running the markers again with my new KI and I realized one marker is placed directly in front of this painting, and I wonder if there's any relation.

Once again... more time has passed, and it's gotten that much more difficult to relate to new explorers exactly what's been going on recently. Someone linked into D'ni for the first time yesterday, and I helped them understand what's been going on between the end of 2003 and now... and it's getting so complicated... so hard to explain each time. This is why I've got a new project on the burner... I'm working together with other explorers to design an archival site where explorers new and old can go and get details recaps of events... when they happened, who was involved, what the results were, and how they affected things.

While "Age Linker's Guide" is a more personal view about the goings on in D'ni, "The Restoration Archive" is meant to be a completely neutral recording of events. It's not meant to be a recording of D'ni history... there are already people devoted to translating and understanding D'ni written records and histories, and discovering the past. The explorers working on The Restoration Archive are more concerned with keeping track of events in modern day D'ni... more pressing and present matters. I'm very excited about this project, and hope to see it take off very soon.

Oh well.. I guess I'd better get back to running markers, just in case my old KI login isn't able to be retrieved. But then again, with the current state of things I'm pretty nervous about losing my CURRENT KI, much less getting my old one back...


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