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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cyan Worlds Pizza Party 2006

Posting from Kadish Tolesa...

Today as a "thank you" to Cyan Worlds for years of entertainment, as well as their contributions to the DRC, the explorer community banded together to pay for a truck of pizzas to be delivered to the doors of Cyan. Along with the pizza was delivered a lovely plaque, and the remainder of the raise money has been contributed to a "Donut Fund".

As a result of this, a party was held this afternoon at Cyan (and may still be going?) which also spawned a cavern wide party in D'ni.... it's madness! There are people dancing all over Ae'gura, from the ferry to the Great Zero. Cocktail parties in the gallery.... there's an incredible rave going on just beneath me here in Kadish... who knows what else is going on. I wonder if the DRC are wandering around in this mess somewhere, and if they are, I wonder what they think of it all?

Myself... I'm loving every bit of it. There's so much energy right now, coming from Cyan, from the return of the restoration, from the hundreds of explorers. It's SWELTERING in here... the lights keep clicking on and off, people are bouncing off of eachother... a few of us started forming Tetris blocks when a Tetris remix started blaring. I... why am I writing here? I need to get out there on the floor! And besides that... I've got to host my own event in just a bit...


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