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Friday, May 19, 2006

Great Zero Update

Posting from D'ni - UruObsession(1) Neighborhood...

I don't think it's been fully recalibrated yet, but as of today the Great Zero has been adjusted to a point where the KI Positioning System works, and we can view coordinates of exactly where in the cavern we are at a given time. Besides this, it is also possible to place our own sets of "Marker Games" now, to test each other's ability to locate and record markers... presumably part of training for the Guild of Maintainers. These features only work if you've completed all fourteen of the GZ Recalibration Missions however... so it seems that not only are we recalibrating the Great Zero itself, but it also involves calibrating individual KIs.

You'll also notice that when linking through the Nexus, it now displays the coordinates of any link in points you have recorded on Ae'gura, as well as the coordinates for your registered neighborhood. I always wondered what all of those zeroes were for in the Nexus... I never even considered that they were coordinates.

There are also new rumors about another Bahro stone being sighted, something unusual in Eder Kemo, and a Relto page from Yeesha manifesting itself. I have yet to confirm any of these however... so for now they will continue to be treated as rumors. More information to come as it becomes clear.

Update: It is now possible to extract photos taken with your KI to a surface PC without using any special software... the images are now saved as surface standard JPEGs, at a default resolution of 800 x 600. My best guess is that Victor did something to do a mass update of the KI firmware... and as much as it helps me out, I'm kind of curious about the reprecussions of changing D'ni technology to match surface standards. But then again, we're already using KIs that have been translated to several surface languages....

Also to follow up the rumors a little more... last time a new Bahro stone appeared it was shortly after the DRC opened the museum up to the public. Perhaps Yeesha and the Bahro like rewarding us for restoring more of the cavern? If so, it might make sense to find another stone now that the Great Zero is in better condition than before.


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