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Thursday, May 18, 2006

More DRC Updates

Posting from Teledahn...

Just checking in long enough to report some news. The DRC have updated the timeline on their main page to reflect events up until now. This is the first time in two and a half years that the timeline has been altered. It now mentions the DRC losing funding and the cavern closing, as well as the smaller groups that stayed behind during the "Until Uru" period. It also brings up Yeesha who is (was?) apparently searching for "someone to free the Least". The return of the DRC to D'ni and the election of the DRC Liaisons are mentioned as well.

I think it's rather unusual mentioning Yeesha and her work to free the "Least". The Least are also known as Bahro.... which are the creatures that are often heard moving about the cavern from time to time. But why is that listed for the year 2005? Hasn't her journey ALWAYS been about explorers helping to free them? Or is there something that the DRC knows that most of us don't yet?

I've also noticed that the DRC seem to be encouraging would be explorers to come down to the cavern... and since they're not currently providing their own methods, it's basically encouraging people to pick up a Relto book and choose the path of Yeesha. It's so unusual to see the DRC providing information about joining the explorers in this way.... does this mean that the days of "Authorized Explorers" and "Uru Explorers" are long in the past? If so... then it'll be easier for us to all work together.

Also of note... they've removed any mention of Dr. Watson from the site's pages, except for his blurb on the DRC Bios page. I guess any hope of seeing Dr. Watson return to the DRC and the restoration has pretty much faded away. It's a shame... D'ni was the man's baby. His dream was to see it living again. I hope his dream is realized.... even if he's not around to see it.

Restoration is definitely starting up again... but records indicate that the DRC are now working with about half of the number of restoration engineers as they once were. Because of this, I expect we'll be seeing things take effect quite a bit slowly than before.... but regardless, it's much better than no restoration at all. I'm not complaining, by any stretch of the imagination.

Every day that passes, it's getting harder and harder to relate to new explorers what exactly has gone on up to this point. The revelation of D'ni's reality... the rise and fall of the restoration.... the "Until Uru" and eventual "D'mala"... and now the refunding of the restoration. I think as more time passes, and more explorers come... it's going to be important to have a central location to direct them to learn about the history of the restoration. Not everyone will care mind you... but those who do... well.... let's just say that I'm working on a new idea.


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