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Thursday, April 27, 2006

In a dream I could see....

Posting from the surface...

Hm. I keep having dreams about the restoration. I'd say that I need a vacation... but since my time in D'ni IS my vacation of sorts... oh well. The funny thing is, the dreams almost never have to do with actually being in the cavern or any of the ages, but rather how things on the surface are affected... either directly with the DRC, or indirectly with others from the cavern.

Last night I dreamed that immediately after Dr. Kodama's Town Hall meeting yesterday, he went online and updated the age list on the DRC Site. Everything was still listed as suspended except for one age, that had never been listed before, and was marked as waiting for "Immediate Phase 5 Approval". I want to say it was Eder Delin... but I really can't remember. It might have been something completely different?

One photograph has me completely obsessed with an age. Then again, hearing Rebek and Pento brought up raised some interests there too... but right now it's all about Delin. Heck, maybe even more so than Kahlo. Maybe.

This post doesn't really fit the usual theme of things here, so sorry for those who are here looking for the latest restoration news. It's mainly an excuse to let you know that I'm working on sifting out the interesting information from the town hall meetings still, so I'll try and get those posted up fairly soon... keep your eyes open for it.


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