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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Losing it...

Posting from the surface...

My Relto book isn't working. MY RELTO BOOK ISN'T WORKING.

Yeesha, whatever I did you offend you, I'M SORRY. Did you overhear us joking about the "taking sides" thing last night? Is that it?


No, that's not it. Everyone else seems to have a "dead" Relto book too. I need to be in cavern right now. I'm not... and I'm scared. What if something happened... and whatever makes the Relto books work (a descriptive book for all of them?) was destroyed? Or what if the DRC pulled out again... and Yeesha finally gave up and went home, wherever that may be?

..ok. I waited two years, a day isn't going to kill me.

*bites lip*

Yes it is. And... well, I guess I'll just keep trying my Relto until I get tired and fall asleep... or get desperate enough to start walking towards New Mexico...

Update: If you look at the time and date of this post... well.. it's "tomorrow afternoon" now. Everyone's Relto books have returned to their normal functions... nothing seems to have changed. Haven't a clue what's going on. Oh well... glad to be back, that's all that matters.


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