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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

PCs, Macs, and the DRC

Posting from the surface...

I'll be honest, I'm posting this out of my own geekery more so than anything else. For all of the years that the DRC has been at work, they've been running off Windows based systems. As such, any explorers who were interested in contributing to the data collection for the restoration's data collection efforts were also limited to using Windows machines. Naturally, any explorers who used Macs exclusively were very annoyed by this.

Things may have just taken a step in the right direction however. With Apple's new "Boot Camp" beta, it's possible to install Windows on any intel based Mac, without the use of any unsupported hacks. I can't confirm how well this will allow Mac users to mesh with the DRC's protocols, but it definitely seems like we're moving forward. If anyone gets a chance to try working with the DRC's systems using this software, please let me know how it turns out.

Link: know, I just realized. If Victor has been using Windows based logic in his efforts to re-engineer D'ni tech, that might explain the bugs with the imagers, some of the automatic doors, and of course the Great Zero. Of course I'm only kidding, Vic, I know you're working with the best you can.

Update: We have a confirmation! Using Boot Camp, Mac systems can now communicate with the DRC just as easily as PCs can!


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